Hanover, PA Gusty Winds Cause Drifting Snows as cleanup continues – 3/15/2017

This afternoon and into the evening hours very gusty winds cause drifting snow, white out conditions and numerous accidents in the southern Pennsylvania area. All thanks to the nor'easter of March 2017.
Shot Description
Hanover, Pennsylvania – Grandview Road & Pa Route 116

Clips 1 – 3 : Penndot snowplow clearing Grandview Road of drifting snows, N/B side.

Clip 4 : Penndot snowplow clearing Grandview Road of drifting snows, S/B side

Clip 5 : Penndot snowplow blows airhorns at vehicle stuck in snow drift then drives around, visibility greatly reduced by drifting snow, stuck vehicle hardly visible at times even with 4 way flashers on.

Clip 6 : Penndot snowplow lowers side snow blade & continues removing snow from S/B side of Grandview Drive.

Clip 7 : Penndot snowplow begins spreading salt while removing drifted snow from road, gusty winds cause brief white out.

Clip 8 : Toyota SUV on PA Route 116, roadway partially covered by drifting snow from open field to right of roadway, drifting snows over roadway seen in distance.

Clip 9 : Toyota SUV driving through drifting snow over roadway.

Clips 10 & 11: small section Grandview road covered by drifting snow/gusty winds, visibility briefly reduced to a few feet.