Osprey, FL Tornadic Storm & Damage

A tornado warned storm came ashore off the Gulf of Mexico Monday night into Sarasota County near Osprey Florida. In storm video and fresh aftermath shots of wind damage at an Osprey FL shopping center. People dragging debris to unblock their cars in parking lot.
Shot Description

1) Wind driven rain among tree tops and lightning flashes in Osprey FL.
2) High winds and rain pound flag and light pole as storm comes through Osprey FL.
3,4) Two shots of up-light at strip mall in very heavy rain.
5,6) Two shots of tossed shopping cart corral metal frame at Osprey Walmart.
7) Tree uprooted in parking lot.
8) Shopping cart flipped on back with debris around.
9,10,11,12) Four shots of a wheel chair and shopping carts thrown by wind among parked cars.
13,14,15,16) Four shots of metal shopping cart corrals thrown around parking lot.
17,18) Whole train of shopping carts flipped.
19) Long shot of people dragging metal frame of cart corrals around to get the cars out.
20) Metal frame debris laying on car while people scramble around scene.
21) EMS vehicle clearing road debris.
22) Fireman on scene of downed power lines.
23) Dash cam video of heavy tree debris in Osprey side street.