North Central IL Snowy Monday Morning – 3/13/2017

Will Wight of JWSevereWeather captures video from Roscoe and Rockton, IL in Northern Illinois. Light to moderate snow was falling during the time of clips. Winter Weather Advisory was in effect across this area during the time of filming.

Shot List:
Clip 1-2: Township plow truck plowing local neighborhood in Roscoe, IL (Sleepy Hollow Subdivision)
Clip 3: Snow removal crew salting Roscoe, IL Post Office sidewalk Cip 4: Public works employee shoveling outside Roscoe Village Hall
Clip 5-6: Roscoe Township Salt/Plow Yard, video of plow truck being filled up with salt and sand
Clip 7: Clip of partially snow covered road conditions going North on highway 251 in Roscoe, IL. Clips ends near 251 and Roscoe Rd. Clip 8: Loves Gas Station being plowed in Roscoe, IL
Clip 9-10: Teacher walking into Roscoe Middle School while plow truck is plowing sidewalk in background. Then clip of teacher walking into Roscoe Middle School
Clip 11: Clip of school bus and vehicle driving by on Elevator Rd going west bound in front of Roscoe Middle School
Clip 12: Snow removal crew clearing parking lot and shoveling sidewalk for the Life Church in Roscoe, IL
Clip 13: Zoom out of Hononegah Forest Preserve sign with snow falling and traffic in the background
Clip 14-15: Roscoe Township plow truck putting plow down with snow falling and plow truck pulling into salt and truck yard
Clip 16-18: High school students walking to Hononegah High School in the snow along Hononegah Rd in Rockton, IL and Traffic along Hononegah Rd in Rockton, IL with students walking to the local high school in the background
Clip 19-20: Downtown Rockton, IL zoom out and clip of plow truck turning Clip 21-23: Settlers Day park sign in Rockton, IL Clip 24: Truck passing on Elevator Rd Willowbrook Rd in Roscoe, IL