Newburgh, NY Cars Stuck & Crashes in Blizzard – 3/14/2017

Jack-knifed semi truck on Turnpike, SUV stuck in raging blizzard, cars buried in deep snow, pedestrians walking in blizzard, emergency vehicles in blizzard. Newburgh, NY slammed by vicious March Blizzard.

All footage shot in Southern New York in/near Newburgh and several shots in Northern New Jersey on March 14, 2017 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer
Shot Description

Shot List:

1-4. shots of SUV stuck in deep snow in intersection with blizzard raging in Newburgh, NY

5-9. shots of jack-knifed tractor trailer on the Jersey Turnpike near Newark, NJ from slick snow-covered highway

10. accident with police on scene in Newburgh, NY with heavy snow falling

11. POV shot of snow plow clearing I-84 in Newburgh, NY

12 & 13. shots of accident with police on scene in Newburgh, NY

14-18. pushed-in shots of pedestrians and traffic in blizzard in Newburgh, NY

19-21. shots of cars buried in deep snow in Newburgh, NY

22. driving shot of blizzard hitting neighborhood in Newburgh, NY

23-26. shots of vehicles buried under deep snow in Newburgh, NY

27. pushed in shot of two men trying to move snowblower in deep snow and blizzard in Newburgh, NY

28. pushed-in shot of heavy snow and traffic signal in Newburgh, NY

29. POV shot of electronic highway sign warning of "Heavy Snow" on I-87

30-32. POV driving shots of traffic on I-84 with almost no visibility near Newburgh, NY