Chicago, IL Lake Effect Snows – 3/14/2017

Jesse Walters of JWSevereWeather documents heavy lake effect snowfall during the morning commute in the Chicago Metro. A lake effect snow warning was in effect at the time of filming.
Shot Description

Shot 1 – POV of intense lake effect snowfall reaching rates upwards to two inches per hour

Shot 2 – CTA bus sits at a roundabout during intense lake effect snowfall.

Shot 3 – Intense snowfall occurring at an intersection on the south side of Chicago.

Shot 4 – A Factory on the southside of Chicago is hardly visible from only 200 yards away due to intense snowfall.

Shot 5, 6 – A Bobcat clears snow off the sidewalk at Paulina and Congress in Chicago

Shot 7 – Slowed traffic remains along Interstate 290 (The Eisenhower Expressway) and Damen in Chicago, IL.

Shot 8 – Snow covered vehicles along South Kedzie Avenue in Burbank, Il.

Shot 9 – Intense snowfall occurring on 79th Street in Chicago, IL

Shot 10 – Snow covered routes 12/20/45 with the police awaiting in Bridgeview, Il.