New Madrid, MO Tornado Warned Overnight Storm – 3/9/2017

An intense band of severe storms marched across southern Missouri through the evening on Thursday prompting a slew of severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings as hail and wind damage were reported all along the line, as well as a couple of tornadoes and funnel clouds. The storms marched into southeast Missouri in New Madrid County bringing winds over 70mph doing minor damage and knocking a couple of semi-trucks off I-55 in the county. This particular storm was tornado-warned and went on to produce a tornado over the border in Kentucky after it mowed across Missouri.

Video shot in the town of New Madrid in southeast Missouri along I-55 with the exception of the semi truck shots at end which were shot in extreme southern New Mardrid County at the Portageville exit.
Shot Description

Scenes 1-8: First 30 seconds include various shots of vivid lightning strikes as the storm approaches New Madrid.

Scene X: Three seconds of black separating shots (accidental edit)

Scene 9-12: Shots of vehicles hiding under an I-55 overpass as storm approaches. Final scene includes bright lightning flash at end of clip.

Scene 13: Intense shot looking out window of car as intense winds slam the area with blinding rain. Pans over to car that pulls in front of camera and pulls over as winds tear through.

Scene 14-15: Shots in yellow lights of intense winds blowing rain, making it look like a hurricane.

Scene 16: Shot looking out windshield as high winds and rain batter the area, a small piece of trash flies by shot.

Scene 17: Shot looking at several large tanks, then panning over to gas station where trash can is sliding across parking lot.

Scene 18: Shot of trash can in high winds continuing to slide across parking lot.

Scene 19: Pickup truck parking at gas station as intense winds slam through.

Scene 20: Tight shot of pickup truck.

Scene 21: Car passing by on road, then pan over to another carn in the gas station parking lot as high winds blast through.

Scene 22: Shot of winds blasting by white tanks as a car passes by in the rain with a lightning flash.

Scene 23: Shot from Portageville exit on I-55 of a semi trailer that was blown off the flatbed of a truck into the ditch off northbound I-55.

Scene 24: Shot of trailer on its side with flatbed in the background.

Scene 25: Shot of cop with trailer in the ditch off I-55.

Scene 26: Shot of another semi that was blown off of southbound I-55 at the Prtageville exit and stuck in a ditch. Bright lightning flashes midway into the clip.

Scene 27: Shot looking from front of ditched semi.

Scene 28: In New Madrid, a sign at a local business is blown out.

Scene 29-30: Emergency worked with sign debris walking and putting it in front of building.

Scene 31: Large wooden pole lying across road in New Madrid.

Scene 32: Construction cones blown over onto I-55 during storm as bright lightning flashes overhead.