Lagrange, NY Morning Commute Snow Storm – 3/10/2017

Scenes of snow plow and sander trucks, morning commuters on the highway with snow falling, and picturesque scenes of snow-decorated trees.

Shot Description

SHOT 1 – 5: Various wide and tight following shots of snow plow and sander trucks clearing roads for the morning commuters.
SHOT 6: Overhead shot of cars driving down the Taconic Parkway as snow clings to the tree branches above.
SHOT 7: Cars merging on to the highway in heavy snow.
SHOT 8 – 10: Compressed shots of cars driving on local roads during heavy snow.
SHOT 11 & 12: Picturesque shots of snow clinging to tree branches in a park setting.
SHOT 13: POV dashcam shot of driving down the highway with snow-covered trees all around.