Lagrangeville, NY afternoon snow cleanup – 2/ 9/ 2017

Snow cleanup efforts after 12-14" of snow fell over Southeastern NY. Close-up shots of snow accumulation, snow blowers, snow plows, and a timelapse sequence.
Shot Description

SHOT 1: Panning shot of deep drifts of snow.
SHOT 2: Tight shot of people clearing over a foot of snow off their vehicle.
SHOT 3: Panning shot of a large tow truck trying to free a stuck tractor trailer.
SHOT 4: Close-up of someone starting the engine on a snow blower.
SHOT 5 & 6: A person snow blowing a driveway, with the depth of the snow clearly shown.
SHOT 7 – 9: Various people using snow blowers.
SHOT 10 & 11: Drive-by shots of plow trucks.
SHOT 12: A timelapse sequence of the snow piling up on a table.