Scituate, MA Blizzard & Noreaster 2/9/2017

Blizzard strikes Scituate, MA bring high damaging winds, flooding storm surge, and whiteout conditions! Huge crashing waves against Scituate seawall and homes, storm surge flooding, high winds blowing powerlines, whiteout conditions with heavy blowing snow, emergency vehicles helping flooded homes.

All footage shot in/near Scituate, MA during morning daylight on February 9, 2017 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer.
Shot Description

Shot List:

1-12. Various shots of huge crashing waves against Scituate MA seawall and homes

13. pushed-in shot of storm surge flooding neighborhood road in Scituate

14. pushed-in shot of powerlines blowing in high winds

15. pushed-in shot of flooded neighborhood road from storm surge with high winds blowing snow

16. pushed-in shot of man walking along neighborhood street as storm surge comes in with high winds

17. pushed-in shot of powerlines blowing high winds

18. shot of vehicles driving through flooded streets from storm surge in Scituate

19 & 20. shots of fire crews helping homes flooded from Scituate storm surge, and waves

21. pushed-in shot of American Flag flapping violently in high winds

22 & 23. shots of snow plows on I-93 with heavy snow falling

24-29. various shots of traffic on snow covered highways in eastern Massachusetts near Scituate with near whiteout blizzard conditions