Great Neck Nassau County LI Blizzard Conditions – 2/9/2017

Heavy blowing snow from Winter 2017's first major nor'easter, creates blizzard and whiteout conditions in Great Neck, Long Island (Nassau County)
Shot Description

Shot 1: Over a dozen motorists are stranded in deep snow on the Northern State Parkway in Nassau County.
Shots 2-4: Commuters brave blizzard conditions at the LIRR Station in Great Neck Plaza.
Shot 5: A city worker uses a snow blower to clear snow from the sidewalks in Great Neck, NY.
Shot 6: A man runs to catch his train in near whiteout conditions in Great Neck.
Shots 7-8: Commuters stand on the LIRR Platform in Great Neck Plaza as heavy snow falls.
Shot 9: A man gets into a waiting cab in blizzard conditions at the Great Neck LIRR Station.
Shot 10: City workers load a snow plow on the back of their truck, as heavy snow falls.
Shots 11-14: People out and about in near whiteout blizzard conditions in Great Neck, NY.
Shot 15: Strong winds blow snow from a rooftop in Great Neck, NY.
Shot 16: A man braves blizzard conditions in Great Neck, NY.