Dutchess County, NY accidents heavy snow – 2/9/2017

Heavy snow & blizzard conditions created havoc on the local roadways, with stuck cars and tractor trailers all along I-84 in southern Dutchess County NY.
Shot Description

SHOT 1 & 2: Drive-by shots of tractor trailers that slid off I-84 in blinding snow.
SHOT 3: Static shot of tow trucks trying to free a stuck tractor trailer on I-84.
SHOT 4: Drive-by shot of a car that slid off I-84.
SHOT 5 & 6: Static shot of a car that slid off I-84 as a snow plow drives by.
SHOT 7: A stuck car being loaded onto a flatbed truck on I-84 during heavy snow.
SHOT 8: Whiteout conditions driving down Rt 9 in Fishkill NY.
SHOT 9: A team of people with shovels clear a sidewalk in blizzard conditions.
SHOT 10 & 11: Snow plows clearing roads & sidewalks as heavy snow falls.
SHOT 12 – 14: A plow truck helps free a stranded motorist on Rt 9 in Fishkill NY.
SHOT 15: People walking across the street through deep snow.
SHOT 16: Drive-by shot of a tractor trailer that got stuck on a steep hill on I-84.
SHOT 17: Driving along a deserted I-84 in heavy snow.