Iowa City, IA – Heavy Fog – 2/7/2017

After a mild and sunny Monday, Tuesday started with falling temperatures and fog as a cold front approached Eastern Iowa.
Shot Description

1. Iowa's Old Capitol in Downtown Iowa City, zoom
2. Old Capitol, wide shot
3. Statue on sidewalk
4. Bicyclist parks bike
5. Flag in fog with distance building
6. Bicyclist riding in fog
7. City park in fog
8. Hancher auditorium sign
9. Hancher reflecting foggy skies
10. Construction workers erect bridge on foggy Iowa River
11. Jogger along foggy Iowa River
12. Pedestrian bridge of Iowa River
13. Bald Eagle keeps watch over foggy Iowa River
14. Traffic on I-80 near mm244
15. Traffic on I-80 near mm 246