Cape Girardeau, MO – Predawn Storms & Lightning 4K – 2/7/2017

Early season storms rolled through the region early Tuesday morning bringing tons of lightning, heavy rains, and small hail to parts of southeast Missouri. Severe weather was also reported with these storms as they pushed across Missouri and Arkansas into Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee. These storms were fueled in part to near record warmth that has taken over the region, and that warmth will be short-lived as temperatures on Wednesday will plummet back into the 30s.

Video package shot in and around Cape Girardeau, Missouri which is approximately an hour and a half south of St. Louis along I-55.

Last three scenes of video were added later, showing pea-sized hail falling in Carterville, Illinois during the morning daylight hours.
Shot Description

Scene 1 (First 40 seconds): Various lightning strikes at night.

Scene 2: POV driving shot in Cape as storms with heavy rain move through.

Scene 3: Shot of heavy rains overlooking the main highway in Cape Girardeau.

Scene 4: Shot of heavy rains with flags blowing in the wind.

Scene 5: Shot of heavy rain falling on a roof in the street light.

Scene 6: Oncoming car driving in the heavy rains.

Scene 7: Rain falling with a tree in the foreground and a street light in the background.

Scene 8: Shot of rain with the occasional pea-sized hail falling in the grass.

Scene 9: Tight shot of rain in the grass.

Scene 10: Car driving by in the rain.

Scene 11: Ponding on roadway.

Scenes 12-14: EXTRA SCENES from Carterville, IL of pea-sized hail falling in a daylit storm. Hail came down quickly and briefly, so added just to show the hail falling.