Rice Lake, WI Extremely Thin Ice Truck Recovery From Rice Lake – 1/31/2017

Seriously People, stop driving on the ice in the upper Midwest, the ice is not safe with all the above average temperatures in the last few weeks!!!

This video package shows the truck that went through ice into open water Friday night(01/27/2017) Being recovered this afternoon. Also a short interview with Britt, on what he was doing with the ice chucks while he was in the water.
Shot Description

Clip 1.The vehicle extraction equipment is ready to go. This time its has pontoons on the main frame.
Clip 2-5. Come of the crew cutting the ice around the truck.
Clip 6. Interview with Britt while he was in the water, explaining why they are pushing the ice chunks under the main ice sheet.
Clip 7-8. The divers working on getting rid of the weak ice.
Clip 9. The crew is moving the vehicle extraction equipment towards the water.
Clip 10- 11. The crew pushing the extraction equipment into the water.
Clip 12 -13.Some of the crew starting to recover the truck.
Clip 14 -16. Divers pushing the equipment and truck while turning everything so the front of the truck is facing the good ice.
Clip 17 – 22. Truck being recovered.
Clip 23. The truck is on the ice.
Clip 24. Truck is being towed toward the shore.