Loganville, PA White Out And Massive Crash Pileup Aftermath – 1/30/2017

Occasional snow showers accompanied by spotty & sudden snow squalls, resulting in temporary white out conditions impact the southern Pennsylvania area today. A sudden & unexpected snow squall results in a multiple vehicle pileup on the S/B side of Interstate 83 in the Loganville, Pa area.
Shot Description

Clips 1 to 8 : Footage on the S/B side of I-83 showing multiple vehicle pileup

Clip 9 : Interview with truck driver involved talking about sudden white out.

Clips 10 – 11 : Footage from Ridgeview Road overpass of N/B and S/B I-83, traffic at standstill and multi vehicle pileup in distance on S/B side.

Clip 12 : Sudden white out conditions on PA Rt94 just south of Hanover, Pa

Clip 13 : Traffic on PA Rt94 in sudden white out conditions – Hanover, Pa