Tampa Bay, FL Extreme Winds – 1/22/2017

In Tampa Bay, it looks more like an approaching tropical storm system this afternoon.

As the storm front nears the west coast of Florida, the high wind warnings are already in place. High profile vehicles have been banned from the Skyway Bridge as kite surfers try to not kill themselves in the bay as the wind gusts pick up.
Shot Description

Clip 1 Wide shot of the Skyway Bridge.

Clip 2 Traffic with the signs saying the bridge is closed to high profile vehicles.

Clip 3 – 4 Law enforcement getting ready to shut down the bridge for high winds.

Clip 5 Kite surfer crashes hard after being thrown at least 20 feet into the air.

Clip 6 – 8 Kite surfers

Clip 9 Waves smashing into the the rock wall

Clip 10 Kite surfer

Clip 11 Waves

Clip 12 Kite surfter

Clip 13 – 14 High Wind Warning Signs

Clip 15 – 16 Flags blowing

Clip 17 coast line with wind

Clip 18 POV Driving shot with waves crashing up against a wall.