Jena, LA Tornado And Tornado Damage – 1/22/2017

Likely tornado on low light video with likely power flashes at the start of the video and then the footage continues with the possible tornado damage in Jena, La taken after tornado.
Shot Description

Clip 1 Snapped off utility pole
Clip 2 – 4 Smashed SUV
Clip 5 – 6 Debris in a yard
Clip 7 – 12 Damage and debris around a auto repair shop
Clip 13 – 14 Damaged power pole and downed power lines.
Clip 15 – 17 Damage to a building with a wall ripped out.
Clip 18 – 20 Tree damage and trees down
Clip 21 Tree on a building
Clip 22 – end Damage around several commercial structures and what looked like a gas station.