Isabel ,KS Brutal Ice Storm Aftermath B-Roll – 1/16/2017

Isabel, KS slammed by freezing rain as major ice storm grips Center of the Country. Footage of Isabel covered in ice with trees and large tree limbs down on fences, homes and utility lines.

All footage shot in/near Isabel, KS during morning daylight on January 16, 2017 by meteorologist Simon Brewer
Shot Description

Shot List:

1. Pushed-in shot of ice-covered "Isabel" Kansas town sign

2 & 3. shots of large tree limb on smashed home fence in Isabel, KS

4 & 5. shots of heavy, sagging, ice-covered powerlines in Isabel

6 & 7. shots of large tree limbs down on powerlines to Isabel home

8 & 9. shots of ice-covered tree down in Isabel

10. shot of tree on Isabel home

11 & 12. shots of another large tree limb smashing a home fence in Isabel

13. shot of a tree branch on a fallen powerline in Isabel

14-16. pushed-in shots of ice-covered trees down and sagging with branches down in neighborhood

17-20. shots of "Highway 42" sign and "Stop" sign covered in ice in Isabel

21. pushed-in shot of powerlines and pole covered in thick ice

22-24. shots of trees and branches down from ice in Isabel

25-27. shots of home and yard covered in thick ice in Isabel

28 & 29. shots of fence covered in ice

30. shot of tree limb down in Isabel

31. shot of ice-covered home fence in Isabel

32-35. various shots of large tree limbs down around homes and streets