Ozona, TX Severe Storms – 1/15/2017

Hand hold pile of hail, frequent lightning, and high winds hammer Ozona, TX during on warm severe winter day. Footage of hand holding pile of small hail, lightning, people running to cars, high winds, hail falling.

All footage shot in/near Ozona, TX during afternoon daylight on January 15, 2017 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer
Shot Description

Shot List:

1 & 2. POV driving lightning shots near Ozona, TX from strong thunderstorm

3 & 4. SLOW MOTION lighting shots

5. shot of arcus cloud, also called a "whale's mouth" over Ozona, TX from strong thunderstorm

6-8. shots of severe thunderstorm updraft moving over Ozona, TX

9-14. various pushed-in shots of hail and heavy rain falling with thunder from severe thunderstorm in Ozona, TX

15. pushed-in shot of small hailstones on hood of SUV

16. hand holding pile of small hailstones

17 & 18. shots of people running to their cars at gas station running from rain and hail in Ozona, TX

19. pushed-in shot of truck driving though deep puddle with heavy rain and small hail falling as thunderstorm hammers Ozona, TX

20. pushed-in shot of low shelf cloud approaching Ozona, TX

21. POV driving shot of arcus cloud near Ozona, TX

22. POV driving shot of cars parked under overpass hiding from hail and thunderstorm on I-10 in Ozona, TX

23. POV driving shot of truck passing with heavy rain from thunderstorm on I-10 near Ozona, TX

24-26. POV driving shots of traffic on I-10 an arcus cloud in Ozona, TX