Rice Lake, WI Heavy & Blowing Snow – 10/10/2017

This video package shows the heavy snow falling earlier in the day, followed by blowing snow as the Arctic cold front blasted through. Rice Lake WI did pick up about 5 inches of snow.
Shot Description

Clip 1. Heavy snow falling.
Clip 2. Close shot of the heavy snow falling.
Clip 3. Looking down a snow covered road with heavy snow falling.
Clip 4. A person shoveling snow from steps.
Clip 5 – 7. Same person brushing snow from his truck.
Clip 8. Snow covered lawn chairs with snow still falling.
Clip 9. Snow blowing off tress as the Arctic cold front starts to plow into the area.
Clip 10. Snow blowing off a roof.
Clip 11. Wide shot of snow blowing off another roof.
Clip 12. Close shot of snow blowing off the roof from clip 11.
Clip 13. Flag blowing in the wind.
Clip 14. Snow blowing across a road causing drifting snow.
Clip 15. Blowing snow.
Clip 16. Blowing snow with a car driving into the shot.
Clip 17. Blowing snow with another vehicle driving through the drifts through the shot.
Clip 18. Wide shot of snow blowing across the road.
Clip 19. Snow blowing on the road and off of a snow drift.
Clip 20. Snow blowing over a snow drifted guard rail.
Clip 21. Blowing snow on the other side of the road heading out into the field.