Wright County, MN – I94 Trave Nightmare – 1/10/2017

Another round of snow on the northwest of the Twin Cities metro area has created slick conditions for motorists on Interstate 94. Numerous crashes were reported around the Monticello, MN area on I94 which at one point was shut down for an hour due to the crashes.
Shot Description

Clip 1 SOT POV driving in blinding white out conditions.

Clip 2 POV Drive with Crash Ahead sign

Clip 3 Crash on Interstate 94

Clip 4 Blowing snow.

Clip 5 GoPro roof camera drive by of crashes on i94

Clip 6 Drive by of crashes on i94

Clip 7 Wright County Deputy blocking the entrance to Interstate 94 where the worst of the crashes were at.

Clip 8 – 9 Driving in whiteout conditions.

Clip 10 Some idiot driving WAY too close to a Semi truck.

Clip 11 -14 Various clips of a SUV suck in the ditch on i94.

Clip 15 Truck in the ditch then a few seconds later a minivan in the ditch.

Clip 16 POV Driving in slick conditions in heavy traffic.

Clip 17 Car in the ditch.

Clip 18 Snow Plow

Clip 19 Car in the ditch with tow truck

Clip 20 Car in the ditch with tow truck

Clip 21 Wide shot passing snow plow from GoPro on roof.

Clip 22 POV Snow plow while passing slowly.

Clip 23 Snow Plow

Clip 24 Snow Plow

Clip 25 Snow Plow

Clip 26 Blowing Snow