Mt Vernon, IL Snowy Travel Headache – 1/5/2017

The first accumulating winter storm of the 16/17 season across southern IL continued into the afternoon on Thursday as more snow fell across the region. Areas along and north of I-64 picked up as much as 4-inches from the season's first event. Winter Weather Advisories continued into the evening as snow began to wind down in the late afternoon. This snow is part of a larger system effecting many areas across the central and eastern part of the country.

Video highlights travel along I-57 and people in town clearing cars and seagulls on the snow.

Video shot during the mid/late afternoon hours across Jefferson County in southern Illinois around the town of Mt. Vernon. Mt Vernon is at the junction of I-64 and I-57 and is approximately one hour east of St. Louis.
Shot Description

Scene 1: Establishing shot of traffic in the snow on I-57 with the Mt. Vernon exit sign in the foreground and lessening visibility in the background.

Scene 2: Traffic in heavy snow on I-57.

Scenes 3-8: Various POV driving shots along I-57 south of Mt. Vernon as snow falls and reduced visibility.

Scene 9: Heavy snow falling against trees in the background.

Scenes 10-11: Shots from an overpass looking at I-64 on the west side of Mt. Vernon.

Scene 12: Girls brushing snow off a red car.

Scenes 13-14: Man clearing snow off cars.

Scene 15: Woman at a gas station clearing her windshield as snow falls.

Scene 16: Man in shorts (yes, you gotta find one in every storm) walking through a parking lot.

Scenes 17-20: Various shots of annoyed-looking seagulls in a parking lot with snow falling on them.

Scene 21: Shot of a tree with snow falling.