Carthage, NY Evening Very Deep Snow – 1/5/2017

After dark scenes from Carthage, NY of deep snow accumulations, and people digging out from over 3 feet of snow.
Shot Description

Shot 1: A home owner uses a large tractor to dig out from over 3 feet of snow in Carthage, NY
Shot 2: A home owner uses a snow blower to dig out his driveway.4
Shots 3 & 4: Two young girls out walking their dogs, and navigating huge snow mounds in Carthage, NY
Shot 5: A motorist spins his tires on slick roads
Shots 6 – 10: Various after dark scenes of large snow mounds lining downtown Carthage, NY. Motorists braving snow covered roads.
Shots 11 – 13: After dark street scenes of 3 to 4 feet of snow covering homes and vehicles in Carthage, NY
Shots 14 – 16: Car Dash POVs of large snow mounds lining the streets of Carthage, NY. People out and about digging out.
Shot 17: Vehicles driving after dark during ground blizzard conditions.
Shot 18: A lady clears very deep snow off her roof during the late afternoon in Carthage, NY
Shot 19: A vehicle is completely buried in deep snow in Carthage, NY.