Rice Lake, WI Mini Van Being Pulled Out After Breaking Through Ice – 1/3/2017

This video shows the van that dropped through the ice on Rice Lake back on 12/16/2016 being pulled out today. Ice conditions were safe enough to allow for the removal of the van today.
Shot Description

Clip 1. Shows the crew setting up to pull the van out of the lake.
Clip 2 through 4. Shows Someone cutting the ice around the van with a chainsaw.
Clip 5 through 7. A diver hooking up chains to the van.
Clip 8-9. Crew starting to lift the van from the lake.
Clip 10. Crew removing some ice from the van. The front chain let go and the front end of the van dropped down.
Clip 11 through 13. The crew lifting the van once again.
Clip 14. Crew has the van out of the water.
Clip 15. The problem chain let go once again. Front end of the van dropped back into the water.
Clip 16. Van is lifted back out of the water.
Clip 17. The winch setup and van being pulled away from the open water.