Amazing time lapse video of the Sun Dogs on the horizon – 1/3/2017

Time Lapse footage at sun set of some vivid Sun Dogs as the snow blows across an open field.

What are Sun Dogs? Also known as Parhelia or Mock Suns, are formed by the sun light refracted by plate crystals high in the cirrus clouds..

Sun Dogs can be extremely bright depending on the height of the sun above the horizon and the amount of ice crystals in the sky and are often a sign of colder weather moving in the region.
Shot Description

Clip 1, Time Lapse footage speed up 10,000 Percent to push over thirty minutes of video in sub zero wind chills into 20 seconds.

Clip 2 Normal playback speed of the sun dogs.

Clip 3 Left side of the sun dog zoomed in.

Clip 4 Right side of the sun dog zoomed in.