Twin Cities Overnight Snow Wrecks And DeIcing – 12/16/2016

Video Footage From the Winter Storm Warning area of very heavy snow bursts of up to 2 inches per hour creating a travel nightmare in the Twin Cities with hundreds of Crashes and spin outs as well as major airport Travel delays at MSP!
Shot Description

Clip 1. A woman and 3 men struggle to push their large sedan backwards out of the ditch in a foot of snow on Interstate 35 in Minneapolis!

Clip 3. Woman pushing the car to no avail in the deep snow with tires spinning!

Clip 4. 4 people push car out of ditch by hand!

Clip 5. Major Crash with 4 cars and 1 SUV upside down on its roof with rescue on the scene.

Clip 6. Multi – Car crash on Interstate 35 in Minneapolis MN.

Clip 7. Car off roadway into deep ditch with trooper.

Clip 8. SUV sideways into deep heavy snowbank.

Clip 9. Car Fell down off of bridge above and into median below than into guardrail!

Clip 10. MNDOT Heavy snow plowing in tandem,

Clip 11. Snowplow closeup pushing powder snow and salting.

Clip 12-14. Twin Cities Snowplow operations and Cars with 8 inches of snow piled on top of them!

Clip 15. MSP Airport De-Icing Pad with snowy takeoff,Snow Gang Plows,and a landing in the shot!

Clip 16. Runway shutdown with ground stop under heavy snow.

Clip 17. Slippery landing in dense heavy snow at MSP.

Clip 18-20 Snow removal operation at Minneapolis Airport.