Jefferson County, IL Interstate 57 Ice Storm Crashes – 12/16/2016

Major icing continuing across portions of the Midwest as Illinois got hammered with icing conditions late Friday evening leading to dozens of crashes across the region, including on I-57 in northern Jefferson County north of Mt. Vernon, Illinois. This video was shot in a ten-mile stretch of I-57 in northern Jefferson County.
Shot Description

Scenes 1-3: Two car collision in the median of I-57 between a red car and a van. Three shots of this collision.

Scene 4-5: White van in a deep ditch as the driver climbs back into the vehicle.

Scene 6-8: Jack-knifed semi truck facing south next to the northbound lanes of I-57.

Scene 9-11: Car that spun out into the trees of the side of I-57.

Scene 12: Semi truck in the median of I-57.

Scene 13-15: Shots of a filled-beyond-capacity rest stop on I-57 in northern Jefferson County. One shot a panning shot of the semi trucks spilling into the exit ramp.

Scene 16-18: Shots of two different vehicles with the front ends encased in ice.

Scene 19-20: Shots of snow plows dropping salt on I-57.

Scene 21: Two cars driving on an icy I-57.

Scene 22: SOT from Traveler Jenny Pinkston who was stranded at a truck stop in Mt Vernon for over an hour and still waiting due to the hazardous travel conditions between here and St Louis.