Utica, IL I39 Winter Storm Heavy Snow Travel Headache – 12/10/2016

Major winter storm hitting northern Illinois on Saturday with snow accumulations of up to 3 inches in parts of the region causing numerous accidents on highways as snow creates slick driving conditions.
Shot Description

First 5 shots of an accident on I-39 near Utica where a car went into the median. Police officer on scene.

Next 5 shots of another accident scene along I-80 near Utica of a car that was off the far shoulder with blowing snow. Police and tow truck on scene of that.

Next 2 shots of a vehicle with emergency hazards on in front of the I-39/US-51 sign.

Next 2 shots of Illinois Highway sign warning drivers of plowing operations. One wide with traffic and one tight.

Next 2 shots of a plow on I-39.

Next 3 shots of driving in traffic along I-39 north of Utica showing road conditions.

Next 2 shots of an Illinois and American flag waving in the wind and snow.

Next 2 shots of traffic on the interstate near Utica.

Next 2 shots of heavy snow falling in street lights.

Next 2 shots of cars in a snow covered parking lot.