Beloit, WI Winter Storm Warning – 12/10/2016

WINTER STORM WARNINGS remain in effect across portions of southern Wisconsin, northern Illinois, and northern Indiana as a potent storm system continues to sweep across the Midwest. Snow started early Saturday evening and continued into the night with a lull expected before the next round begins by morning. Snows accumulated between 1-4 inches across portions of southern Wisconsin before snow tapered off, more expected to fall later overnight into the morning.

Video shot in Beloit, Wisconsin along WI Highway 81 and I-43.

Shot List:
Scenes 1-2: Shots of a snowy Wisconsin State sign near the interstate.

Scenes 3-4: Shots of a highway sign telling drivers of the Winter Storm Warning.

Scene 5: Traffic passing beneath a highway sign for the I-43 and WI-81 highway exits.

Scene 6-7: Snow plows on I-43.

Scene 8-10: POV driving shots on snow-covered roads in Beloit.

Scene 11-14: Snow plows clearing parking lots in Beloit.

Scene 15: Worker hand-clearing snow from a sidewalk.

Scene 16-17: Two girls clearing snow from a car.

Scene 18: Man pumping gas as snow falls.

Scene 19: Man walking through a snow-covered parking lot to a parked semi-truck.

Scene 20-22: Shots of parked semis at a Beloit truck stop staying overnight to avoid driving in the snow.

Scene 23: Wide shot of a parking lot as snow falls.

Scene 24-25: Shots of heavy falling snow in street lights.

Scene 26: Traffic in the distance on a snow covered street.