Twin Cities Overnight Wrecks And Travel Headaches – 12/10/2016

Overnight Video Footage of an all out travel nightmare in the Twin Cities with hundreds or wrecks and traffic hazards around every corner as a steady moderate snow system continues across the region! Also includes MSP Airport De-Icing and heavy snow plane take offs!
Shot Description

Clip 1. Large Traffic Sign displaying a CRASH AHEAD with crash ahead in shot.

Clip 2. Car wrong way on the interstate in Minneapolis and 2nd crash across the roadway!

Clip 3. Car crash occurs in front of the camera 2 cars ahead and blocks the freeway on the Mississippi River Bridge in Minneapolis.

Clip 4. Car crashes up into a steep hillside in St.Paul.

Clip 5. Vehicle spun out into ditch.

Clip 6. Close snow plows in tandem salting and plowing close POV.

Clip 7. Close POV of spinning salt spreader.

Clip 8. Plane Takes off and quickly disappears into heavy snow.

Clip 9-12. Heavy close up night time plane de-icing footage from MSP airport under heavy snow fall!