Southern, MN I-90 Crash And Heavy Snow – 12/10/2016

Video Footage from Far Southern Minnesota from late this Saturday afternoon of the heavy snow bands that caused severe wrecks and travel troubles as it slowly stalled out over the interstate I-90 corridor!

Shot List:
Clip 1. Train coming straight at the camera in heavy snow and blowing snow with gigantic snow flakes!

Clip 2. Train passby POV.

Clip 3. Truck smashed into the Bridge and sitting wrong way in the middle of I-90.

Clip 4. Truck blocking I-90 in the middle of an ice covered bridge seconds after it happened.

Clip 5. Emergency respondents arrive on scene and render air to the victims.

Clip 6.Close POV of Fast moving snow plow shooting up a massive roostertail of powder snow high into the air!

Clip 7. Heavy snow falling in Windom, MN.

Clip 8-10. Giant Snowflakes falling in Jackson Minnesota .