West Denver, CO Night Snows & Traffic – 12/7/2016

A large storm system impacting the central part of the United States is hammering many areas with snow, strong winds, and brutal cold. Some of that storm has impacted parts of Colorado as WINTER WEATHER ADVISORIES went into effect Tuesday evening through Wednesday morning. Up to 6 inches of snow is possible by midday Wednesday across parts of the Denver Metro area.
Shot Description

Scenes 1-2: Shots of ICY ROAD highway sign on C-470 in West Denver.

Scene 3: Tow truck in reverse on I-70 in west Denver on the scene of a stuck semi truck.

Scene 4: Tow truck backing up to semi who cannot get traction up the hill on I-70.

Scene 5: Man walking around tow truck.

Scene 6: Wide shot of tow truck and semis before the Morrison Hill on I-70 in west Denver.

Scene 7-8: Pickup truck with emergency lights next to a semi on I-70 in west Denver.

Scene 9-10: SUV off in the grass off the on-ramp to C-470.

Scene 11: Fedex truck on I-70 with man walking around front of the truck.

Scene 12: Panning shot of plow truck on I-70 in west Denver.

Scene 13: Shot of plow on Colfax Ave in west Denver.

Scene 14: Shot of snow plow at intersection.

Scene 15: Shot of heavy snow falling on C-470 in west Denver.

Scene 16-17: Shots of heavy, blowing snow in street lights in west Denver.

Scene 18: Traffic driving in heavy snow on C-470 in west Denver.

Scene 19-20: POV driving shot showing snow covered highways in west Denver as snow falls.

Scene 21-22: Very bundled up man at bus stop in west Denver as heavy snow falls on him.

Scene 23-24: POV driving shots along Wadsworth south of I-70 in west Denver of traffic on snow-covered road.

Scene 25: Shot of snowy scene in west Denver of snow-covered Colfax Avenue.