Sarasota, FL AM Dense Fog – 12/7/2016

Morning fog at sunrise near I75 in Sarasota County as school buses and commuters were starting their day. Commuting and beauty shots in fog as day breaks.
Shot Description

1) School bus in fog on Honore Ave as orange sunlight glows behind it.
2) Palm trees in foggy field.
3) Truck on a foggy Honore Ave.
4) Palms in orange sunlit fog.
5) Bicyclist in orange sunlit fog.
6) Car driving on foggy Honore Ave.
7) Group of palm trees in foggy field.
8,9) Two more shots of school bus in orange foggy scene.
10,11,12) Three shots of various palms and trees in a foggy field.
13) SUV driving through frame on foggy road.
14) Orange light, backlit palms in heavy fog.
15,16,17) Three more good foggy field scenes.
18) Sun rising up with fog below.