Twin Cities MN Morning Heavy Snow and Wrecks – 12/4/2016

Breaking Video Footage of an unexpected and quick hitting, Heavy Wet Snow and Ice Storm that quickly developed in the early morning hours right over the Minneapolis/St.Paul Metropolitan area dumping a fast 4 inches of heavy snow and wreaking havoc on Sunday morning travel in the area with many vehicle crashes,Spin-outs and Major Airport Delays!
Shot Description

1. Heavy Snow Plow in St.Paul Minnesota Plowing right toward the camera with unique head on POV!

2. Single SUV Crash due to Glare Ice Roadways with Injuries showing SUV head on into Power Pole and large road sign it hit sliced into the power pole like a knife with Snow Plows passing by in the same shot!

3-6. Multiple POV's of Serious SUV icy road crash into ditch and head on into power pole!

7. Police and Emergency Fire and Rescue on the scene of Crash with SUV Extraction!

8. MSP Twin Cities Airport in Major Delays with Large aircraft being De-Iced at close range.

9. Aircraft De-Icing at close runway side with dozens of snowplows passing through the shot as well as a snowy takeoff at same time!

10. 20 snowplows in a massive convoy struggle to keep the runways open in heavy wet snow!

11. MNDOT snowplows clearing the interstate with ice covered roads.

12. St.Paul man sweeping snow multiple POV.

13. Tight POV of man struggling to sweep heavy wet snow with broom and failing as it bunches up!