Key West, FL Mallory Square Night Cruise Ship Timelapse – 10/2/2016

The new cruise ship dock is now open at Mallory Square in Key West Florida and our partner cam is capturing some incredibly beautiful scenes in HD as well as time-lapse video of people escaping the cold on cruise ships to Key West FL. This video features the Canadian vessel "Azamara Quest" beautifully lit at sunset and departing the dock Friday night. Includes normal HD and time-lapse clips.
Shot Description

1) Azamara Quest at new dock Mallory Square dock in Key West at sunset Friday night.
2) Time-lapse video from late afternoon through, sunset and departure of the Azamara Quest.
3) Azamara Quest departing dock and blowing its very loud horn.
4,5) Azamara Quest arriving at dock in Key West early Friday morning.
6) Azamara Quest at dock during day.
7,8,9) Beautiful colorful shots of Azamara Quest backlit by sunset skies and ship lights.
10) Azamara Quest lit up at night at dock.