Hanover PA Foggy Evening – 11/29/2016

During the evening hours of Tuesday November 29th Light rain and pockets of dense fog move in to areas of south central Pennsylvania. A dense fog advisory is issued for most of central Pennsylvania, most of central Maryland, and north and central Virginia until Wednesday morning
Shot Description

Clips 1 & 2: Forward POV in fog on PA Rt 116

Clip 3: Rear POV in fog on PA Rt116

Clips 4 & 5: Traffic traveling on PA Rt116

Clips 6-8: Traffic traveling on PA Rt94/Baltimore Street

Clip 9: Traffic at intersection, vehicle headlights, traffic signal & bank sign during foggy conditions. Bank sign showing time & temperature

Clip 10: Bank sign (in foggy conditions) showing time and temperature

Clips 11-13: Lights on side of building during foggy conditions (Heidelberg Township Building off of PA Rt116) Spring Grove, PA