Lorraine, NY Extreme Amount Of Lake Effect Snow – 11/21/2016

Footage of blizzard conditions burying Village of Lorraine, NY. Cars and houses nearly completely buried under 3 feet of snow with 7 foot snow drifts reaching up houses. Snow up to windows and tops of doors. High winds blowing heavy snow making nearly whiteout conditions. Tractor trailers wrecked on side of Interstate 81 from heavy snow. Shot of deer crossing roadway leaping through deep snow. Footage of Meteorologist Simon Brewer measuring 37 inches of snow depth near Lorraine.

All footage shot during evening daylight & darkness on November 21, 2016 in/near Lorraine, NY by Meteorologist Simon Brewer.
Shot Description

Shot List:

1. pushed-in shot of several deer crossing snow-covered road and leaping through very deep snow near Lorraine, NY

2-4. Shots of high winds blowing snow around house & barn with snow almost touching roofs near Lorraine, NY

5. Shot of near buried vehicle and house with winds roaring, blowing snow

6. pushed-in shot of blowing snow with giant ice cycles on house

7 & 8. shots of truck plowing driveway of house

9. pushed-in shot of car with huge snow cornice surrounded by deep snow

10-12. shots of blizzard conditions from high winds blowing snow with nearly whiteout

13 & 14. shots of car trapped in deep snow

15. pushed-in shot of mound of snow on mailbox

16 & 17. Pushed-in shots of two cars nearly buried in deep snow

18. POV shot with "AUDIO" of Meteorologist Simon Brewer measuring 37 inch snow depth with 36 inch yard stick. Yard stick goes into and below surface of snow.

19 & 20. Images (selfies) of Meteorologist Simon Brewer waist-deep in snow when trying to take measurements near Lorraine, NY

21. pushed-in shot of traffic on snow-covered road with blowing snow from high winds and snowdrifts moving onto road

22. POV driving shot of mult-semi-truck accident where 3 tractor trailers were wrecked off side of Interstate 81 from heavy snow

23. pushed-in shot of fire station with snow nearly up to top of front door

24-30. Various shots of houses and cars nearly buried under deep snow

31. wide shot of town with blowing snow from high winds

32. shot of small evergreen tree covered in deep snow with other snow-covered trees in background

33 & 34. POV driving shots of heavy snow falling and trees caked in snow

35. pushed-in shot of front loader trying to clear snow in Lorraine, NY

36. POV driving passing nearly buried vehicles in front of houses

37. POV driving shot of snow drifts encroaching on roadway near Lorraine, NY