Lacona, NY Extremely Deep Lake Effect Snow – 11/21/2016

Footage of 29 inches (over 2 feet!) with over 6 foot snow drifts from Lake Effect Snow near Lacona, NY burying cars and houses and creating dangerous travel conditions in Upstate New York. Shots of jack-knifed tractor trailers, cars in ditches, cars buried under deep snow with huge snow drifts.

All footage shot in/near Lacona, NY during late morning hours on November 21, 2016 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer.
Shot Description

Shot List:

1. pushed-in shot of a house nearly buried under 3 feet of snow near Lacona, NY

2 & 3. pushed-in shots of car buried under nearly 3 feet of snow near Lacona, NY

4-8. Various shots of house & cars buried under deep snow near Smartville (east of Lacona, NY)

9-20. Various shots of Jack-knifed tractor trailer and various vehicles in ditches after sliding off I-81 from heavy snow near Lacona, NY

21-24. Various shots of 40-50 mph winds causing blizzard conditions near Lacona, NY

25-28. Shots of Meteorologist Simon Brewer trudging through feet of deep snow taking measurements: measured 29 inches using a yard stick east of Lacona, NY near town of Smartville

29 & 30. POV driving shots of heavy snow and traffic on I-81 near Lacona, NY

31 & 32. POV driving shots of snowplows clearing snow from I-81

33. POV driving shot of low visibility with heavy snow falling surrounded by snow-covered trees in Lacona, NY

34-38. various shots of houses surrounded by deep snow in Lacona, NY