York & Lancaster County PA Thunderstorm – 10/30/2016

Temperatures were in the high 70's today in parts of Pennsylvania and several thunderstorms (some severe warned) fired up as a result. Today's weather was very different from last year at this time.
Shot Description

Footage from York, Pa area :

Clips 1-3 : Traffic on N/B I-83 & North Hills Road / approaching severe warned thunderstorm with awesome looking shelf cloud.

Clip 4 : Edge of storm / shelf cloud while traveling E/B on U.S. 30. Gusty winds blowing around vehicle

Following clips are from Lancaster, Pa area :

Clip 5 : View from U.S.30 Centerville Road off ramp of severe warned storm approaching Lancaster, Pa area. Edge of shelf cloud in distance with clouds attempting to lower (closer to camera)

Clips 6-9 : Forward & rear camera views of traffic, including motorcyclist, on E/B U.S.30 during thunderstorm

Clips 10-11 : Rear camera view of slower moving congested traffic on W/B U.S.30 during thunderstorm.

Clips 12 : View from U.S.30 off ramp to PA rt 23 of traffic on U.S.30 & PA rt 23