Strong Thunderstorms & Shelf Cloud Timelapse from New York City – 10/30/2016

Strong Thunderstorms form in the wake of unseasonably warm weather, and blast through the NYC Metro during the mid afternoon.
Shot Description

Shot 1: Telephoto shot of storm clouds overtaking the NYC Skyline and Empire State Building.
Shots 2: Panning shot showing a large and ominous shelf cloud approaching Juniper Valley Park, in Queens, NY.
Shot 3: Timelapse sequence of a large & ominous shelf cloud rapidly approaching Juniper Valley Park in Queens, NY.
Shots 4-7: People fleeing Juniper Valley Park, and getting caught in torrential downpours.
Shot 8: Heavy rain falling
Shot 9: A family caught in the sudden storm, is barely visible through the torrential rains.
Shots 10-11: Torrential rain causes torrents of water to flow down the street, as traffic heads in the other direction.
Shot 12: Families flee Juniper Valley Park, as strong thunderstorms approach NYC Metro.
Shot 13: 30 second timelapse sequence showing an ominous shelf cloud overtaking Queens, NY as strong thunderstorms blast through the NYC Metro.