New York City, Fall Afternoon Record Warmth – 10/18/2016

People out and about at Gantry State Park in Long Island City, Queens enjoying the record warm weather.

Shot List:
Scene 1- Locals & Tourists take pictures of themselves in front of the NYC Skyline
Scene 2- People sunning themselves on the parks many lounge chairs
Scene 3- Mother & Child have a picnic on the grass, overlooking the NYC Skyline.
Scene 4- Close-up shot of mother & child having picnic on the grass.
Scene 5- Mothers gather on the grass with their babies for a picnic overlooking the East River and NYC Skyline.
Scene 6- A mother walks with her daughter on a small bicycle along the walking path in Gantry Park. Trees displaying fall colors are visible in the background.
Scene 7- People relax and have lunch on the benches overlooking the East River and NYC Skyline, as others stroll by.
Scene 8- Close-up shot of a couple taking pictures of the East River and NYC Skyline
Scene 9- A man takes a nap on one of the lounge chairs in Gantry Park. Fall foliage is beginning to peak on the trees in the background.
Scene 10- Fall flowers are in full bloom, as a man walks by with his little dog.
Scene 11- Wide shot of a woman jogging along the waterfront in Gantry Park
Scene 12- An older couple pushes a baby carriage as they stroll along the waterfront in Gantry Park. Fall colors can be seen on the surrounding trees.
Scene 13- Close-up shot of people gathering along the waterfront, taking in the view of the East River.
Scene 14- A couple strolls along the dock at Gantry Park. The "Long Island" archway is visible on the right.
Scene 15- A group of mothers gather in the shade under a tree, and have a picnic with their children.
Scene 16- A couple walking their dogs, go for a stroll along the waterfront, and take in the unseasonably warm weather.
Scene 17- An NYPD Boat speeds up the East River, as the camera pulls back to reveal the NYC Skyline.
Scene 18- A man strolls along Vernon Blvd. in Long Island City with two Pumpkins in hand.