Gettysburg, PA Unseasonably Warm Temps – 10/18/2016

Wonderful weather with unseasonably warm temperatures head into the northeast & mid-atlantic areas today.  Temperatures for the day average the low to mid 80's.

Shot List:
Clip 1: Penndot truck with attached snow plow in downtown Gettysburg, Pa.

Clip 2: Gettysburg Battlefield Tours bus in downtown Gettysburg, Pa

Clip 3: Traffic and man on motorcycle on Main Street.

Clip 4: Traffic in Gettysburg with Gettysburg Hotel in background.

Clip 5: Tourists by Abraham Lincoln statue

Clip 6: Tourists taking picture by Abraham Lincoln statue

Clip 7: Small " Gettysburg Hotel " sign on outside of hotel.

Clips 8-10: Multiple shots of Gettysburg Hotel & traffic (Wide, Medium, Tight)

Clip 11 : People relaxing outside in beautiful weather

Clip 12 : People walking up sidewalk in beautiful weather

Clip 13 & 14 : Tour group at historical marker & listening to tour guide

Clip 15: Tourists on observation tower taking pictures & enjoying the view

Clip 16 & 17 : Beautiful views from observation tower, 1st view is to Appalachian mountains, 2nd view is to east.