Hurricane Matthew, Savannah GA Winds Rain – 10/7/2016

Footage of high winds and heavy rainfall pounding the Savannah, GA area as Hurricane Matthew charges through the region.

All footage shot in/near Savannah, GA during evening darkness on October 7, 2016 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer
Shot Description

Shot List:

1 & 2. Shots of deserted highway and street lights illuminating wind driven rain in Savannah, GA

3. pushed-in shots of trees bending from high winds in Savannah

4. POV driving shot of I-95 hit hard by wind-driven heavy rain from Hurricane Matthew

5 & 6. shots of large pine tree on part of I-95 blown over by high winds from Hurricane Matthew

7 & 8. shots of heavy wind-driven rain from Hurricane

9 & 10. pushed-in shots of blowing traffic lights in high winds

11-15. various shots of heavy wind-blown rain from Hurricane

16 & 17. POV driving shots of high winds and blowing rain from hurricane on I-95 near Savannah

18 & 19. Pushed-in shots of damaged gas station near Jacksonville, FL from high winds