Cocoa Beach, FL Matthew Destruction – 10/7/2016

Hurricane Matthew impacting Cocoa Beach as it grazes the Space Coast Friday. Near eight minute package contains in-storm clips with damage occurring as well as in-storm aftermath in tropical storm conditions. Includes rare surge event on Banana River as the strong west winds pound docks and river front buildings. Also, good shot of two pelican birds struggling in tropical storm conditions. Commercial and residential building storm damage.
Shot Description

1,2) Power grid failing over Cocoa Beach FL with prolonged high voltage arcing as the last of the power goes out in the area after daybreak.
3-9) Seven clips of dock destruction and damaged condo lanai along Banana River at south Cocoa beach as the strong NW winds put waves well over the sea wall.
10,11,12) River side restaurant getting pounded by wind and waves near FL-520 bridge.
13) Two pelicans in huge waves and tropical storm force winds on river.
14) Dock boat lift getting destroyed in pound waves on Banana river.
15) More damage along river docks as squall comes through.
16) Water shooting up out of storm drain.
17) Roof damage to Solar Lube on FL-520 Cocoa Beach.
18,19) Roof totally destroyed on business on A1A north Cocoa Beach.
20,21) Roof peeled off Winn Dixie bakery.
22) Sheet metal roofing peeled off clangs in wind wrapped around palm tree that fell on restaurant.
23) Torn canopy in wind at restaurant.
24,25) Metal roofing twisted around palm tree in hardware storm garden center.
26) Beach wear storm with "blow out sale" sign has a blown out sign.
27,28,29,30) Severe shingle roof damage to apartment building.
31,31) Broken tree branch in high winds and rain.
33,34) Roof damage to 2nd level apartment.
35,36,37,38) Pan metal roofing peeled back on residential home.
39,40) River front house with damaged lanai and surging river level around it.
41,42,43) Tree bent over into canal catches a flipped/sunken boat.
44,45) Skiff boat on collapsed lift with stern sunk in water and bow up.
46) Roof damage on residential home.
47) Canaveral hospital sign bent over from wind damage.