Cape Canaveral FL Storm Surge, Power flashes & Wind Damage – 10/7/2016

Footage of electrical powerline explosions, hurricane-force wind blowing trees and neighborhoods, wind damage, and storm surge from Hurricane Matthew.

All footage shot during early morning hours (daylight and darkness) in/near Cape Canaveral, FL on October 7, 2016 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer.
Shot Description

Shot List:

1-3. Various shots of hurricane force winds blasting trees and houses in Cape Canaveral, FL


5-13. Various close shots of electrical explosions, also called powerflashes, from high winds in Cape Canaveral

14. wide shot looking into rain blowing at photographer by high winds

15. wide shot of trees blowing in highwinds

16. powerline blowing in wind with dark clouds racing overhead

17. shot of palm tree downed by high winds across and blocking road

18-20. Various shots of waves and storm surge coming from Bay into Cape Canaveral

21-24. Various shots of damaged roofs from high winds

25. highway sign on highway blown over by high winds

26-29. Various shots of high winds hammering Cape Canaveral

30. shot of storm surge rising in bay behind Cape Canaveral

31 & 32. Shots of high winds blowing palm trees