Daytona Beach FL Storm Surge – 10/07/2016

Footage of business with walls ripped out by high winds, storm surge flooding businesses, homes, and cars, downed trees, street lights, and high winds from Hurricane Matthew in Daytona, FL.

All footage shot in/near Daytona, FL during afternoon daylight on October 7, 2016 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer.

Shot List:

1-5. Walls ripped out of business by high winds in Daytona Beach, FL

6. traffic light dangling by a wire in high winds in Daytona Beach, FL

7. stop sign bent nearly to ground swaying in high winds

8-10. POV shots of trees down on highways near Daytona Beach, FL

11. POV driving shot of high winds blowing palm trees next to roadway

12. pushed-in shot of large traffic light on ground in intersection knocked down by high winds in Daytona Beach, FL

13. debris in road in Daytona Beach, FL

14 & 15. large trees down on highway in Daytona Beach, FL

16. large trees blowing violently in high winds in Daytona Beach, FL

17. pov driving shot of branches and debris on road from high winds

18. pushed-in shot of billboard downed by high winds

19-32. Various shots of storm surge flooding in Daytona Beach, FL: cars, houses, flooded roads, businesses, man walking