Northern Twin Cities Extreme Flash Flooding – 9/21/2016

Video Footage of Extreme Flooding occurring in the North Twin Cities Metro Area with Police and Fire doing night time search and rescue welfare checks on several near completely submerged and one floating vehicle! Footage of Cars driving into deep water and submerging!
Shot Description

1. Police use flashlights and make their way through over waist deep rushing flood waters to check for occupants in floating submerged cars in 4 feet of water on University Ave in Fridley!

2. Car partially floating in 4 feet plus deep flood waters over University Ave frontage road with inside contents floating away out the windows!

3. Cars drive into deep flood waters and stall and submerge despite police blocking roadway! Road had white cap waves from high winds and hail.

4. Super fast rushing flood waters over Minnesota Hwy 47 in Fridley pushing and moving cars stalled in its path.

5. Police vehicles and tow trucks try to block roadways covered in 4 feet of rushing water!

6. Strobe Lightning and Driving in blinding rain in North Metro area POV.

7. Police talking to a displaced motorist who's car was submerged while intense rain falls.

8. Tow trucks arrive to attempt to winch cars out of the flood waters.