Hennepin County Severe Storms & Flooding – 24P 4K – 9/21/2016

Video starts out just before sunset in western Hennepin County as the storms begin to train over the same area dumping almost 10 inches of rain the northern Twin Cities Metro area.

Footage of the drive in along with damage to a home on the north side of Minneapolis after a tree fell on it and punched a hole through the roof.

Video driving through a flooded out Interstate 694 and 169 and general B-Roll driving in extremely heavy rain.
Shot Description

Clip 1 Heavy rain before dark.

Clip 2 Lightning and rain before dark.

Clip 3 Driving and vivid lightning strike.

Clip 4 Road sign warning of flash flooding on 494.

Clip 5 Flash flooding on Interstate 694

Clip 6 Sign warning of flash flooding on Interstate 94

Clip 7 Flash flooding on 94

Clip 8 Flash flooding on 694 and 169

Clip 9 -18 Fire fighters on the scene of a house that had a large tree fall on it and the fire fighters remove parts of the tree from the roof to put a tarp over the hole in the roof.

Clip 19 – 22 POV Driving in heavy rain.