Carbondale, IL Minor Street Flooding – 9/8/2016

The first round of storms moved into southern Illinois on Thursday afternoon, kicking off an expected period of stormy weather ahead of a season-changing cold front that will push through the region Saturday dropping temps as much as 15-20 degrees. Rain gauges in Carbondale recorded over an inch of rain (1.27") in this first round of storms.
Shot Description

Scenes 1-2: Shots of storm's leading edge showing lowerings.

Scene 3: Long shot starting with a black Mustang driving through minor street flooding and heavy rain, panning to other cars following behind it.

Scene 4: Another black sportsy car driving away from camera through street ponding.

Scene 5: Oncoming car plowing through water with huge rooster tails, followed by two other vehicles.

Scene 6: SUV driving through street ponding.

Scene 7: Red pickup driving through street flooding.

Scenes 8-9: Several vehicles driving away from camera through street ponding.

Scene 10: Shot of traffic driving past standing water.

Scene 11: Oncoming red car slowly pulling into street flooding.

Scene 12: Wide shot of US-51 in north Carbondale with traffic driving in heavy rain.

Scene 13: Shot of rain falling on street against trees in background.

Scene 14: Low shot of road with passing cars in the rain.

Scene 15: Two women walking in the heavy falling rain.

Scene 16: Heavy rain falling against a tree backdrop.