Gwinner, ND Storm Damage – 9/7/2016

A severe thunderstorm blew through the Gwinner, ND area tonight leaving a path of destruction in it's wake. It affected several farmsteads including one farmstead which was hit particularly hard with multiple buildings damaged and destroyed.
Shot Description

shot 1: Damage to a shed where the shed was ripped open like a tin can
Shot 2: Grain bins which were blown in and over.
Shot 3: RV which has debris embedded in it.
Shot 4: Cleanup work on the machine shed.
Shot 5: Multiple power poles snapped off.
Shot 6 Cleanup work continues at the farmstead
Shot 7: Shot of farmstead with damage and debris.
Shot 8: Shot of farmstead where another machine shed used to be.
Shot 9: Hail 2 hours after the storm passed.
Shot 10: Shelf cloud near Barry, ND. This is the same shelf cloud which caused all the damage north of Gwinner, ND.
Shot 11: Wall cloud near Barry, ND
Shot 12: Building on farmstead with the siding damaged by hail.
Shot 13: More cleanup work on the farmstead.
Shot 14: Trucks coming to the scene of the damage.
Shot 15: More power poles down.
Shot 16: More farmstead damage.
Shot 17: Interview with witness of the event.
Shot 18: Second Interview with Justin Onchuck of Onchuck Construction.